December 22, 2008

Santa Claus

Nicholas, in Dutch and the familiar, is Claus. That's pronounced with an 'ou' sound, as in 'sound.' The word for Saint is Santa. So, when the Dutch came to America, their traditions of Saint Nicholas, were transliterated as Santa Claus. It is from the Dutch tradition of Saint Nicholas that we get the modern Santa Claus. This brings me to my rant: His first name is not 'Santa.' 'Santa,' is a moniker, a title, like 'mister.' It means 'saint.' Likewise, 'Claus' is not a surname; It's his given name. It's like 'John,' or 'Chuck,' or 'Frankie.' He is not 'Mr. Claus.' Likewise, there is no 'Mrs. Claus.' Looking for Mrs. Claus is like meeting Saint George and asking where Mrs. George is. So that is nonsense and people should really just stop. They won't, but that's my rant for today.



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