December 2, 2008


Ok, it's been a while since my last post, but I've been rather busy. There's been work, X-Collegiates, and various side projects on which I'm always working. These include: finally getting the wireless working to a satisfactory level in the apartment, as well as setting up a nice Squid cache and a music player and reworking my website's code-base. Most recently, I've embarked on an enterprise of moderately greater ambition.

The linked-to website is currently just a place holder, but the description should tell you what it's about. Essentially, the idea of cold asking for money on the Internet has always fascinated me. I know that it has worked spectacularly well in the past, albeit, intermittently. So, I felt I might create a project to help folks with it. Think: MySpace with a PayPal sticker, only more attractive. There seems to be a big demand, (and given the worsening economy, an increasing demand,) so I shouldn't have too much trouble getting it off the ground. I'm actively working on it and a proto-type should be up in a few weeks.

Up and coming: no guarantees.

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