July 27, 2008


I said I'd post about it and here I go; this is about my return journey from NY. My last day there began fun; I couldn't find my passport. I spent the day looking it. Of course it was in my bag the entire time in the side pocket where I put it, but that didn't stop me from getting the entire maintenance crew involved in the search.

By 5:30 PM, it was time to leave, as my flight was scheduled for around 6:30, so the guys at the front desk rung up a cab for me. I realized as I was waiting that I was short on cash for the cab, and so went to the ATM, which wouldn't take my pin. I wasted ten minutes of my life trying to figure out if the machine was broken or my card. The cab arrived around 15 minutes later and the ride was rather restful except for the knowledge that I didn't have enough money for the ride. When I arrived at the airport I asked for a moment so the I could the airport ATM. After visiting every single corner of the airport except for the one with the ATM in it I finally found it, and found out that I couldn't find my card. Of course I went back to the cab to ask if the cabbie had seen it, which she hadn't. I rung up the hotel, but they didn't have it either. I knew that somebody was lying, but I couldn't tell who and was forced pay with my corporate amex. It was the amex's virgin run. I cancel my credit card and a new one will be shipped soon.

After all that, I still wasn't late for my flight, which had been delayed until 7:30 PM. It was then 6:30. I took my time and went through security. They threw away my soda but that didn't matter much. As I sat down, I realized that I was unbelievably anxious to get home. The minutes ticked by slowly and every minute the plain didn't arrive was really, really unpleasant. It finally did arrive around 7:15 and they let us board at 7:30 as promised. Everyone got on board quickly and things settled down, and just as the plain was making for the runway we were told we would have to wait. It had something to do with the weather. So, for about an hour and a half we watched as private jet after private jet took off. It was around 9:00, it was dark, and we were next on the runway to take off when we were told that there would be no more flights into DC because of the weather thereabouts. So I climbed out of the plain, went inside, and waited in line for about an hour as so that I could get information when I might yet be allowed to leave for home. It was of course next morning at 6:30 AM, a good twelve hours after I was supposed to leave in the first place. It was too long to wait in the airport, but too short a time to actually get a real night's sleep. It was also really late. Fortunately, some of the folks I'd chatted with in the ticket line were in the same bind as myself and were able to help in finding a hotel for the night, A place with a 5:30 shuttle to the airport. I paid for the stay with the amex and went to bed around midnight.

At 5:00 the next moring I got the wakeup call and showered, which was a good thing because I stank. What wasn't a good thing was that I didn't have any clean clothing. I hadn't expected the trip to last as long as it did and so, despite my shower, I still managed to smell. I was just in time for the 5:30 shuttle. Security, as I discovered, was much busier at 5:30 AM than at 5:30 PM, and I had a time getting through. However, the plain was on time, and managed to leave on time as well. Teh morning felt bright and clean after that and as I passed through my front door, I collapsed on the floor.

Then I recieved an email that my boss was wondering why I wasn't at work and wanted me in as soon as possible.

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