May 14, 2008

It seems that I have graduated.

And so it does. This Saturday I received my diploma. No honors, but I did get a 'politics certificate,' which basically means I fooled Dr. Way into thinking that an office job had something to do with politics. (It did actually, I turned it into a thesis, but thats another story.)

I had some fun mulling about afterwards saying goodbye to folks, and then when home. I think I spent about an hour pouring over my regrets, and then got over it. Which is a bit better than what happened when I gradated high-school. So College clearly wasn't a total waste. Maybe I got more out of it than just a little more stoicism, but I'll see it when I get to it.

Feeling a bit ill, and realizing why I don't usually drink, beer, I went to bed a bit early, and slept for a full twelve hours. Since then I've been busy about moving. It seems that life just keeps moving ahead. I think I've finally given up trying to slow it down.

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