March 13, 2008

Subship pt. 2

Ok, It's been a little while but I've been busy. No, I've not been busy on my thesis or work; I've been chasing important things, like tiny mini-video games. Specifically, I've been working on implementing my subship game. I've nearly completed the primary engine and I'll upload the source code in a little while so folks can try it out. It's written in lisp so you'll need an instance of Clisp to run it in or something similar. It runs through an overly simple command-line interface so it will seem rather crude, and it is (not as crude however, as the current AI.) However, this is not the final cut. I plan to implement a clean interface in JavaScript and place the engine in a CGI script so that I can implant the game in my homepage. I also have a scheme for designing rather more sophisticated AI algorithm and come mid summer it should be pretty cool.

In other news, I did finally begin writing my thesis. I'm not so sure what has taken me so long; it is probably my innate tendency to procrastinate. It seems like it might be easier than I thought, at least the first chapter will be. All I have to do is echo the same things OSS advocates have written about ad nauseam and add my own clarifications and qualifications. I hope to get it done in a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you and God Bless.

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