July 22, 2008


Corporate training in bullshit. Today I wrote my 'values' down on a sheet of paper and symbolically thrown it away in favor of the company's values. I did a lot of other crap like that as well; it felt like I was in public middle school. After all, who cares about how many things three stupid letters could stand for?

The older, mean more senior, individuals seemed to take to it very naturally. They've either already been brainwashed or they've just become cynical enough to just play along. I can't decide which. I was hoping for some genuine information about how deal with the bureaucracy, how to enhance my prospects, and how to adapt to the corporate culture.
I found out about the last one all right. I'll be glad to get back into my little cube in a couple days. Doing actual work will be a nice change.

I've finished my second day of class now, and after a messy trip home (later post,) I'm still of the same opinion. I'm finding that being part of this larger corporation mean actually believing its propaganda and ad campaign. Lord knows that had to watch it. I think that the most alarming part is that it all felt like kindergarten. We've played games, stood in circles, voted with stickers, drawn with our left hand, all of which insulting our (or at least my,) intelligence. If people are dumb enough to seriously fall in with this, how do thy expect them to do the work that they are expected to do? I don't know. Maybe I just need to look into another job.



Blogger rostendorf said...

Yeah, corporate crap. My condolences.

1:25 PM, July 25, 2008  

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