September 26, 2008

Cold Weather.

I don't know why, but the new cool autumn weather is making me nostalgic. For what, I don't really know, but it's actually kind of nice. It conjures up a certain sense of remembrance without actually burdening me with the actual memories.

I suppose that's the story of my life, really. Everything reminds me of something, but I can never remember what. I'm always thinking: "Ooh! This is like the time when... I don't remember."

It's weird the things I forget: words (I spent two minutes just now trying to remember 'nostalgic'), Christmas, birthdays of family, names of people I've just met and people I've known for years... At least once a week I forget the key to the office and I always kick myself for forgetting it.

I used to try to keep schedules, but I usually forgot to do them within a week. It's like a live in a perpetual present, knowledgeable of past and future, but unable to really connect with either.

Of course, I know what the really problem is. I don't get enough sleep. At least I think that's the problem, I can't really remember...

Anyway, this was supposed to about the nice autumn weather, which, in addition to being reminiscent of some forgotten, yet pleasantly melancholic memory, is also a very nice change from the constant, oppressive, cheeriness of the Summer. What's a little rain if it doesn't give you an excuse to relax inside and forget about all of your troubles.

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