March 17, 2009

A post on American Papist today give us this perspective on the Brazilian Abortion/Excommunication case.

Never mind the fact that the whole controversy is ridiculous as excommunication for abortion has been automatic for a very long time, what really got me was this quote:
The Vatican lives in a dream world where every child is a wanted child.
Right, because only wanted children deserve to live. It's just like how only ones without down-syndrome and other genetic diseases deserve to live.

She goes on:
You naughty Catholics shouldn't be having sex unless you're planning to procreate!
Well, yes. Duh. That would certainly solve this problem:
About five million women a year are hospitalized for complications due to unsafe abortions.
The Catholic Church isn't living in a dream world; it just hasn't given up doing the right thing, like nearly the entire rest of society.



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